Mpc Beatmaker

Mpc Beatmaker

Mpc Beatmaker

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Beatmaker 2 (Akai MPC FLY?)

Classic Hip Hop Jazz Sample Beat Making Video Old School 90s


MPC Beatmaker is a handy Application to make Music.
There are many different kinds of Samples and Instruments, where you can customize everything just as you wish.

Integrated Functions:

- Rec: Record
- Stop: Stop Playing
- Play: Play current Sequence
- Including Metronome
- Del: Undo Last
- Erase: Press Erase and a Pad to delete its records of this Pad while Playing your Beat
- Edit Pads: Chose one Sample and click on the Pad you want to change
- 4 available Banks
- BPM from 30 to 200 changeable
- Up to 64 Sequences
- Volume and Tune for each Pads changeable
- Song Mode: Add Sequences to your Beat and Play it
- Save (Save your Project)
- Load (Load your Project/ Long press to delete File)

You can also use your own Samples. Just put your WAV/OGG Files into sdcard/MPC Beatmaker and it is done!

If you have any problems or any wishes, just write me an E-Mail.

Thanks and Have Fun!